Profesor Tadeusz M. Nowak (1917-2010) i jego działalność na polu edytorstwa żródeł historycznych


  • Dorota Pietrzkiewicz


Słowa kluczowe:

Tadeusz Marian Nowak, biografia, historia wojskowości, edytorstwo źródeł historycznych, badania starych druków.


Archivists, librarians and historians remember Piotr Bańkowski (1885–1976) chiefly as the expert and member (later on vice-president) of the Polish delegations in Soviet Russia for reclaiming Polish cultural goods, during the interwar period. He is also associated with the Polish National Library, where he served as custodianof manuscripis, as the editor-in-chief of the journal Archeion, and finally as one of the organizers and donors of the Łomża Scientific Society. In 1912, Bańkowski graduated from the Jagiellonian University in Cracow, with a doctorate in philosophy. Thanks to a fellowship granted by the Mianowski Fund, he continued his education in France, where he stayed until 1915. Returning to Poland through Russia, had to pause for a longer period in St. Petersburg, where he earned his living teaching Polish literature and history in high schools, and at the Polish Higher Courses. In 1918, after his return to Poland, first he was appointed assistant and then director of the State Archives in Lublin. In 1924, he moved to Warsaw to take part in the archival works on the materials of the former Orthodox Church Consistory. During the years 1927–1936, he was part of the Joined Polish-Soviet Special Commission for Re-evacuation of Polish cultural goods in Moscow and St. Petersburg. From 1935 until 1940 he was employed by the Polish National Library in Warsaw. During the Warsaw Uprising in 1944, he remained with the most precious archival collections deposited at the Sokolnicki Fort, guarding the materials. After the war, from 1951 until 1976, he was the editor-in-chief of the archival journal Archeion. Apart from professional responsibilities, Bańkowski was an activist devoted to the Łomża region, from which his family originated, and to the professional organizations of Polish archivists, librarians and historians.