Noty łacińskie w Kazaniach świętokrzyskich


  • Krzysztof Bracha


Słowa kluczowe:

Kazania świętokrzyskie, badania filologiczne, badania, paleografia.


Krzysztof Bracha discusses the 29 Latin annotations to be found within the old-Pohsh text of the Holy Cross Sermons. Considering that the extant fragments of the Sermons constitute only a fraction of the lost original, it is obvious that the whole collection in its complete state must have encompassed many more such annotations. Hence the original collection belonged to the type of macaronic sermons. According to regulations issued by medieval synods, sermons for the general public (adpopulum), were to be delivered in the vernacular. The discussed annotations break up into two categories: gospel pericopes, translated into Polish or not, and marginal notes, which served as a homiletic aid for the preacher. The annotation in the „Sermon for St. Catharine’s Day” may suggest that the extant fragments are in fact a copy of a copy. Comparisons with numerous other manuscripts containing sermon collections bring Bracha to the conclusion that the discussed copy was prepared in accord with the reportatio technique. Hence the Holy Cross Sermons would be the result of writing down of a text delivered by word of mouth, and only afterwards submitted to editorial revisions. Bracha postulates further research of this monument with the consideration of its bilingualism and in view of the medieval ars compilandi.






Kazania świętokrzyskie